How to create a Simple Bill of Sale for a Car?

create a simple bill of sale for car

You sold your car and are looking for a simple bill of sale. Here is a guide to create a Simple Bill of Sale for a Car.

Stage 1 – Buyer and Seller

For the best outcome, fill in as many contact information you have about the Buyer and Seller. It’s important that you can identify the Buyer and the Seller based on the information. Write down the names, address, phone number.

Also do not forget to fill:

Date of Sale

Region and State (Location of the Sale)

E-mail addresses of both Buyer and Seller

The number of signatures of the Buyer(s) or Seller(s). The person who is also on the title of the car should be the Seller or Buyer.

Stage 2 – The unique details of the car

The VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number can be found on the vehicle’s title or the proprietor’s manual. It shouldn’t be that hard to discover on your car or papers. You will realize you have discovered the VIN if the numbers and letters have a total of 17 characters.

Enter the 17 character VIN.

Write down whether charges or taxes be incorporated in the deal.

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Stage 3 – Payment

There are standard just 3 ways by which your exchange can go; an instant payment, Trade-In or a gift. Define your payment method. Also when you choose another way of payment it is eligible to write it down.

The most used payment method is Instant Payment. When you choose Trade-in , you should describe the Trade-In: Enter the vehicle’s data, for example, the Make, Model, Body-type, Year, Color, and the miles on the Odometer.

Stage 4 – Terms and Conditions

Enter the terms and conditions of the deal. For instance, the deal won’t be finished except if the ski rack is connected when the vehicle is sold. Use standard Terms and Conditions for ‘As is’ agreements to make sure you don’t receive any unexpected claims in the future.

Stage 5 – Odometer Disclosure Statement

An odometer exposure explanation is required by government law while moving responsibility for a vehicle. The Seller’s Name and a precise mileage number read on the odometer must be entered. On the off chance that for reasons unknown, conceivably because of a defective odometer, the mileage tally isn’t exact, select the suitable checkmark.

Complete your Odometer Disclosure Statement with both the signatures from the Seller and Buyer.

Stage 6 – Certificate of Acknowledgment

An Certificate of Acknowledgement is a extra attachment that guarantees that a Bill of Sale is legitimate. The Buyer and Seller must be available within the sight of a Notary Public when this deal is finished. Enter the accompanying data:

State and County

Date of Sale

Names of Buyer(s) and Seller(s)

Public notary’s Name and Signature

Create a easy Bill of Sale for a car at

We know that a lot of people are searching to make a simple Bill of Sale, so we created a Bill of Sale generator that is simple and can be used to make a printable Bill of Sale. Try it now.

Simple Bill of Sale for Car

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